Woven Elastic

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Weaving is the premium method of elastic construction. It results in a finished webbing which does not narrow when stretched, and does not “run” when snagged. With woven webbing it is possible to create a much denser material, and/or a more complex interlocking of threads. Woven web can vary from lightweight insert type to mammoth heavy duty webbing. For hand, absorbency, and overall quality, cotton is the preferred fiber. Polyester is harsher and shinier, but less costly. See our Which Elastic Do You Need? section to compare woven elastic to braided and knitted.

Cotton Gabardine is a popular elastic utilized primarily in the apparel and footwear industries, as well as for many general purpose applications. We stock it in black and white, as well as in a wide range of colors. Stripes are also available on a custom basis. A full range of widths from 1/4″ to 8″ are stocked, with packaging available in 36 to 144 yard spools, or, flat. Also available is an “extra kick” version made with a heavier rubber. A limited number of widths are also obtainable in polyester.

Lightweight (Insert Type) elastic comes in cotton and polyester. The cotton ranges in size from 3/8″ to 2-1/2″ and the polyester is available from 1/2″ to 6″ in width. The cotton is carried in black, white, and a limited range of colors, while the polyester is available in black and white only. Special orders for quantities of color polyester can be accommodated.

General Purpose polyester woven elastics are useful in a variety of applications where the appearance and quality of a woven is desirable and the extra cost of a cotton is not justified. We stock a variety of styles that differ in weight and surface appearance. All are stocked in black with some in white. Quantity orders in color can be made to order.

Miscellaneous Webbing In addition to the items mentioned, we carry an ever changing line of special and “fancy” elastics. Send us a sample or a description of the item you need for your unique application and the chances are we will have it stocked, or, will be able to manufacture it for you on a custom basis.

Braided Elastic

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Braiding produces an elastic which is generally heavier than knitted and will not “run”. Unlike its woven counterpart, it does narrow when stretched, and is not as durable in its construction, however, it is available at a lower cost. See our Which Elastic Do You Need? section to compare braided elastic to woven and knitted.

Our flat elastic braids are made primarily from cotton, rayon, or polyester, and are available in sizes ranging from 3/16″ to 1″ in width. Jute is available for special orders. Wider braid for belts, etc. (both elastic and non-elastic), is custom produced in widths up to 3″ and greater. Black, White, and an assortment of colors are available.

The yarn used for braiding will be determined by the requirements of the materials end use, as well as the issue of cost. Polyester is the least expensive while rayon produces a glossier finish. Cotton braids are softer, more absorbent, and are often preferred in premium applications such as swimwear.

Knitted Elastic

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Knitting produces an elastic which is generally lightweight and inexpensive. It usually cannot be made as densely or as tightly as a woven web, but similar to the woven web, it will not narrow when stretched.

Our knit is made using polyester yarn and is available in widths ranging from 1/4″ on up to 12″, with black and white stocked, and various colors available with minimum yardage requirements. Call us about special configurations up to 20″ wide. See our Which Elastic Do You Need?  section to compare knitted elastic to braided and knitted.


Special Shock Cords – Also Known as Bungee Cords or Stretch Cords

These cords are made with a core of rubber threads with an outside layer(s) of braided yarn. They vary tremendously in size and characteristics. Diameters range from under 1/16” to over 1”. The size is not the sole determining factor in the modulus (force required to stretch). The modulus of any size cord can be increased by packing the rubber tighter. Generally, the harder the cord, the greater the modulus. Varying the ratio of yarn to rubber also controls modulus.

The braiding process allows for varying patterns of colors in the outside jacket. Most cords are white with a color “marker” but cords can be made with mixtures of colors in stripes, spirals or dashes.

Larger cords come in a single or double cover. The double-covered is a premium cord with the inner cover usually made from cotton and the outer from a synthetic yarn.

Many cords on the market are made from “transition” or other off-spec rubber. These are less costly and are adequate for many applications but lack the consistency needed for more demanding uses. Our cords utilize only prime rubber and thus offer a more uniform size and stretch.

For specialty applications we can manufacture the cord with improved UV, fire, oil, sea water or abrasion (wet and dry) resistance. These are made to order and construction is dependent on properties and quantities required.

Shock or Bungee Cords are employed in widely varying applications with tie downs, exercisers, festooners, and marine functions among them. They are similar in construction to our stretch cords, however, they are produced using a single covering, and are stocked in sizes up to 3/4″. Available are cords up to 1″ and greater in diameter (made with a single or double covering), and obtainable in assorted colors, solid patterns, or stripes. Cords generally are sold on rolls but can be hot cut in pieces to your specfied length.

Stretch Cords consist of a yarn covering, braided around a core of rubber threads. We stock this item in 1/16″, 3/32″, and 1/8″ diameters, in white with black markers and assorted colors. We also custom produce it in various sizes and yarns, including metallic. Also obtainable on custom order are special configurations such as phone type coils. Stretch cords generally are sold in bulk on rolls but can be cut in pieces to your length.

Specialty Items

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Trims and Trimmings – Non-Elastic or Elastic

Need some Star braid or Soutache to trim your product? We have it! Soutache starts at 1/8″ wide. Or try our 2-line, 3-line, 4- or 6-line braids.

Tubular trims and Foldover elastics are ideal for some applications. Up to 1/2′ trims.

Sold in spools, these trimmings are stocked in white, black and metallics. For large quantity orders, we can make others to your design or colors.

Latex-Free Elastic

Ask us about our Latex-free production of knits and woven items for your customers who worry about possible dermatological reaction. Most of these items can be produced with NRL (natural rubber latex-free) properties and ease consumer concerns, particularly in the medical and sports applications.

We are proud to be “HNW, The Elastic People,” stretching to meet your needs. You can reach us directly at 401-728-2018.



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