Industries Served
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  • PPE

    Our durable narrow fabric elastic is ideal for face masks and other PPE.

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  • Harnesses

    Our narrow fabrics in elastic and non-elastic formats are used to make a variety of different harnesses.

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  • Military and Police

    We manufacture elastic and non-elastic webbing for body armor, holsters and slings, and many other uses.

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  • Sporting Goods

    Whether it’s webbing for backpacks and other outdoor gear, cord for drawstrings and pulls, or shock cord for tent poles and other uses, we’ve got you covered.

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  • Apparel and Bedding

    We’ve got knit, woven, and braided elastic to fit your needs in the apparel and bedding industries.

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About HNW

We make elastics to meet your every requirement, right here in our own factory in the United States. With over 60 years of experience, a huge inventory, and our domestic production and shipping, you, the customer, are served promptly with any design specifications and changes you might need for custom orders.

HNW is a division of Stretch Products Corp.

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